KRCCD Imaging by Steve Knight, Phil Reed and Matt Charman using CCD, Webcam and DSLR Imaging techniques. Moon and Earth

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Steve Knight

Phil Reed

Matt Charman

6th April 2015 12.24pm

We are proud members of the Hampshire Astronomical Group where we do most of our imaging work. Some of the time we use our own telescopes from our gardens, some of the images from these are added to this site.

NGC 3372 Carina Nebula - Taken 5th Feb 2011 through the Slooh Telescope in the Canary Islands


M33 taken 29th November 2011 through the Slooh Telescope in the Canary Islands


Moon, Venus & Mars on the 21st February 2015


Tycho Crater taken 5th November with a Sony a200 DSLR camera through a 7 inch Starfire Refractor.

Saturn taken in monochrome showing huge storm (White streak top of the planet)
Clanfield Observatory 24 inch dome with Ursa Major - taken on the 5th November 2014
Sun Spot 2192 Image taken 28th October 2014 using a Herschel Wedge and a DMK51 web cam.
Mars taken 24th May 2014 by Phil
6 Day old Moon taken through a 7 inch Starfire Refracting Telescope.
Using a Sony a200 DSLR Camera

The Planets by Phil

A new look to our collection of our planetary images merged into one image using Photoshop CS5


If you like space animations and gentle music click the links below to watch Steve's latest editing of

ESA / Hubble Telescope Animations

Hubble images and link to their web site with kind permission from

ESA / Hubble Telescope

This is the very first image we took, yes this is what started our collection back in 2004. We used Phil's SCT 8 inch Telescope and the Phillips To U Cam Pro 840 in Phil's back garden.

We were so pleased to get our first image that it's encouraged us to continue in our great new hobby Astro Imaging. We even left the dust mark (top left) on the image, so what you see is the original image.



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